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dataloggers, thermometers, hygrometers...
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CHIL Lab Monitoring Solution


COMET Africa have completed the installation of Temperature, Humidity and CO2 monitoring system for the HCRISA (CHIL) lab in Cape Town South Africa.

The project included the monitoring and recording of Cryo-genic freezers (-200C), Ultr low freezers (-80C) as well as -20 Freezers, Fridges and Incubators. All readings are recorded via the MS6D Loggers, and posted to the server PC for recording and Display. The lab has been split into 2 seperate groups, each group is responsible for their own equipment. The software send s SMS notification to the relevant recipients of each group, when an alarm condition is activated.

Place of realization:

Cape Town

Used products:


Installed by:

Comet Africa


South Africa

Year of realization:


Business type:

Healthcare and Laboratory