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Sigfox Access Station Micro

Access Station Micro is the most versatile and cost-efficient Sigfox gateway to date, created for when your project lacks on-location Sigfox coverage.

It provides an adaptable and easy-to-install solution to expand the Sigfox network yourself - even in hard-to-reach locations. It brings an immediate network coverage to an area, allowing businesses to deploy their IoT solutions where there is no Sigfox reception yet.

Its extremely low energy consumption enables remote IoT applications where no power source is available eg. with a solar panel.

The station has an integrated antenna. Simply connect the device to the power supply (mains adapter included) and to an Ethernet computer network with Internet access and within two minutes you have the Sigfox radio network at your disposal.
If the Ethernet network is not available at the installation site, a USB dongle 3G/4G modem with SIM card can be connected to the USB port of the station and the Internet connection can be made via a mobile operator. In this case, it is necessary to set the correct access point (APN) in the station using the mobile application to activate the data connection with the selected mobile operator.

The station is supplied without an additional cover and is therefore intended for indoor use only.


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Technical data


Standard Sigfox Ultra Narrow Band Protocol for M2M and IoT
Max range of operating frequencies* 865 to 928 MHz


Ethernet 1 x RJ45 (10/100BaseT)
USB port 1 x USB 2.0 female type A


Power Consumption 2.3 W typical (Rx mode, Ethernet) / 5 W typical (cellural dongle modem) / 7.5 W max peak
Power supply Passive PoE with AC 230/110 V adaptor in package
Input DC voltage 11 to 26V


Dimensions 186 x 159 x 108 mm
Weight 450 g
Operating temperatures -20°C to +55°C