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Pt1000TG8/M, temperature probe, cable 10 m

Multi-purpose watertight IP67 probe -80 to +200°C.

Stainless steel 17241 with silicone cable of specified length, with MiniDIN connector. Diameter 5.7mm, length 40mm. Time response t63<10s, t95<30s, measured in fluid. Time response t63<60s, t95<150s, measured in airflow 1m/s.

Measuring range:  -50°C** to 200°C
** For static position of lead-in cable, the sensor can operate in temperatures from -80 °C

Optionally also available with cable of various lengths. For other cable lengths use the selector.

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Technical data

Measured value



Measuring range -50 to +200 °C
-80 to +200 °C (for static position of lead-in cable)
Accuracy ± (0.15 + 0.002 t) at °C
Accuracy class A
Time response t0.5 <7 s (in flowing water at > 0.2 m/s)
t63 <10s, t95 <30s (in liquid)
t63 <60s, t95 <150s (air flow 1m/s)
Type of sensing element Pt1000
Temperature coefficient 3850 ppm / °C


Wire connection 2-wire connection
Material of the case stainless steel DIN 1.4301
Dimensions of the case length 40 mm;
diameter 5.7 ± 0.1 mm
Lead-in cable silicone shielded
Length of lead-in cable 10 meters
Connector MiniDin
IP protection IP67
Warranty 30 months