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Digital temperature probe for "p-line" WebSensor, CINCH connector, direct insertion

Digital temperature probe with CINCH connector, for p-line Web Sensors P8xx1 is designed to measure temperature of air (ºC or ºF) in non-aggressive environment.

Optionally with cable length 1, 2, 5 or 10 meters.

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Technical data

Measured value

Temperature measuring range -30 to +80°C
Accuracy of Temperature ±0.5°C
Temperature operating range -30 to +80°C
Relative humidity operating range 0 to 100%RH (not condensing)
IP protection IP20
Available measured units degrees Celsius, degrees Fahrenheit
List of supported devices P8511, P8541, P8641, P8552, P8652
Supported firmware P8xx1 versions 4-5-5.0 and later
Mechanical dimensions length 100mm, diameter 14mm
Connector cinch (RCA)